Royal Panda unveils new hot and cold game detection method

It is often a given within the realm of online casino gaming that certain games run hot and certain games run cold. The temperature terms relate to how profitable (or not so profitable) an online casino game is at any given moment. From a player perspective it is all about playing the hot games over the cold games more often than not. While this is the goal, determining what’s hot and what’s cold isn’t always the easiest task. When it comes online casino platforms that offer plenty of the aforementioned, including several sizzling slot games, you need keep Royal Panda in mind. Have you yet to try this rising star in the casino world, you can sign up through in order to get 10 free spins with no deposit required when you register your account!

Royal Panda has a stellar reputation for providing players with some of the very best slot games around, with its members being openly encouraged to try all that’s available. The problem is that randomised approach to play rarely results in profit. It is all about playing coherently and understanding the new features that help players determine what games are paying out more often than not. Considered a revolutionary industry innovation, it seems that through looking at the versatile RTP figures players can now determine what’s hot and what’s not when they play at Royal Panda.

Burning up or Freezing Cold

Every time a player spins the reels of an online slot game they are entering a dual with a Random Number Generator (RNG) and the house edge. It is a battle that ultimately has a winner or a loser at the end. The key in evaluating what Royal Panda offers in such department requires players to head straight to the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. Percentages on games swing widely, with some even reaching the lofty heights of 98%. The actual return level tends to differ from genre to genre and game to game.

What is most interesting about the RTP percentage at Royal panda is that it allows players to monitor whether or not a game is hot or cold. If a games RTP level is creeping up then that is clear indicator that a game is reaching boiling point. However, should a games RTP percentage dip, then a game may very well be cooling off.

Tackling the Temperature

When it comes to hot and cold games, Royal Panda has put the power back into the hands of players around the world. The new feature is something that have allowed them to climb the casino ranks at sites like This is because players can now openly distinguish the difference between the two. The key to “tackling the temperature” as it were all comes to down to analysis, especially if you want to jump on certain games while they’re hot. There are two theories of approach when it comes to utilising hot and cold games to the best of their abilities. Those who are free willing and air on the side of optimism, will often choose to throw their time into games that will payout theoretically above their RTP in a hope to catch the heat of a hot game. Chasing hot titles is a chore, but can be profitable. The other way to play is much more relaxed and takes a lot less effort. Some believe that online slot games even themselves out over time, so they stick by the games they prefer in the hope that a game that is now cold will once again become hot in the future.